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Determine the approximate valuation of a business using a Valuation Calculator.  Almost every business owner will admit to laying in bed at night thinking about work. And if they’re honest, at some point they have also thought about life after their work. Will they move on to own another business? Will retirement be all they hope for? What will happen to the business once they’re no longer at the helm?

Business owners can calm all this thinking by learning how much value their business would have to those currently looking to buy a business. Whether selling a business is just around the corner or not even on your radar, it is always important to know how quickly you could sell a business and look at business value optimization for your company.

To help determine business value optimization of your company, American Fortune Business Valuation Services has developed the Valuation Calculator & Maximization Test. After answering some brief questions, which should take no more than 15 minutes, a business adviser at American Fortune Business Valuation Services will score your information and contact you within 48 hours to discuss your company’s score and offer suggestions to increase your company’s value and its ease of selling quickly in these current economic conditions. At a cost of only $249, this can be an invaluable tool for prepping your business for sale.

Keep in mind that knowing what drives your business’s value and taking mindful steps towards business value optimization, this is a responsible measure for all businesses at all times. Taking the Business Valuation Calculator & Maximization Test should be included as part of an annual routine to help you plan for your business’s future.

We could go on and on about the importance of knowing the value of your business, but why create our own argument for this when the New York Times does it so well for us? In a January 2013 article entitled, “Do You Know The Value Of Your Business? You Should,” writer Mark Cohen acknowledges that “with the day-to-day demands of running their businesses, most owners put off getting a value of their business until a sale is imminent. But some are starting to treat the act of valuing their business as an integral part of running it.” And they should. For the majority of business owners, their largest retirement asset (if not their only one) is their business. Just like we might all review the value of our retirement accounts, assess their values and make tweaks from time-to-time, we should do the same with our businesses.

What we don’t want you to do, though, is assuming this survey and its score will be an appropriate and reliable replacement for actual business value. Not so. The Valuation Calculator & Maximization is designed to give you a current pulse on how well you are doing in optimizing the value of your company and it will also give you some suggestions for improvements. But at no point can this be considered a complete value of your business. To have a full business valuation performed we recommend our reliable and defensible business valuation services. And in our opinion, the valuation should be performed by expert valuation professional to value a business not a computer software program. We agree with Barbara Taylor, co-founder of Synergy Business Services, who was quoted in Cohen’s article as saying, “I think there’s something to be said for having a real person trained at valuations come in and get to know your business before running the numbers. There’s an art to doing a valuation.”

With all this being said, don’t waste any more time reading this page! Hold your calls, mute all your IT devices, pull out your credit card and devote the next 15 minutes to prepping for your business’s value. At a cost of only $249, this is is a very inexpensive way to begin the business value maximization of your business.

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